The Teams touring the UK use interactive and fast moving techniques to give factual information and personal stories which present the obvious benefit to health and well-being of saving sex for marriage in an entertaining and relevant way. The presenters in each team (usually two young men and two young women) have made their own personal choice to save sex for marriage.

Young adult volunteers are recruited and trained and tour the country with the presentation. The volunteers have made the personal decision to save sex for marriage and they explain their reasons during the presentation. The presentation is living and dynamic, entertaining and relevant, largely due to the enthusiasm, conviction and sincerity of the presenters. They speak from their own experience and are not professional actors. They are able to identify with the teens they speak to as they are young people themselves. Living a lifestyle of respect for their own sexuality and the sexuality of all other people and saving sex for marriage is presented as realistic and achievable. The risks of being sexually active are clearly explained, but the positives and freedoms of saving sex are emphasised too. The presentation helps to redress the balance and gives an alternative message for teens to consider.

Since 2004, 86 British presenters have been trained by Challenge Team UK and have presented to over 157,750 teenagers.