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Join Challenge Team UK for a short volunteering opportunity. 

The Dice Game - Spring 2009

Recruiting now for February/March 2020 tour. 

Challenge Team UK trains young adult presenters and sends them to schools in teams with a prepared presentation.

The Team explains why saving sex for marriage is so important to them and invites pupils to consider making the same decision themselves. The presentation has no religious references. A Team usually consists of two young men and two young women between the ages of 18 and 25.

Challenge Team UK recruits presenters for their National tour each academic year. There is no charge to join a Team and pocket money and all expenses are paid while touring, including travel to and from home.

Team members travel together in a vehicle which is provided by Challenge Team UK. The itinerary is prepared in advance and the Team travels from school to school staying overnight with host families nearby.

Becoming a presenter with Challenge Team UK is exciting and rewarding.

Applicants should be:

  • Committed to the lifestyle choice of saving sex for marriage.
  • Good communicators, good relationally and have experience of working with teens.
  • Good team players with leadership potential.
  • Able to supply good references.

Team PictureBefore each tour the presenters attend an intensive preparation programme when presentations are prepared and rehearsed and the details of scheduled itineraries explained.

Each Team spends time in Manchester and the North West, the Midlands, East, South and West of the UK, including London.

Previous team member comments: ‘Awesome experience! Great message we were getting across to the young people. I loved touring around the UK going to lots of different places. It made me grow in confidence a lot. I loved it when the young teens took hold of our message.’

Want to talk to someone about joining a team?
Call us on 01323 721 047

How is Challenge Team UK funded?

  • Presenters are volunteers.
  • Host families nearby to schools are used if at all possible to provide free accommodation while touring.
  • Costs are kept to a minimum.
  • The fee of £200 per school covers travelling and other expenses.
  • Challenge Team UK has simple administrative procedures and no expensive overheads.
  •  Donations to the Trust have been made by supporters