Sexual health initiative fails to change the behaviour of young people. An evaluation of a £5 million government-funded project to improve the sexual health of young people has concluded that it had a ‘limited beneficial impact’…

Abstinence under fire – It will take more than condoms to reverse the tide of sexually transmitted infections engulfing Britain’s young people. By Dr Trevor Stammers

Abstinence Education: Assessing the Evidence. by Christine C. Kim and Robert Rector. Published by The Heritage Foundation.

Teen Pregnancy And The Case for Abstinence. by Fletcher Doyle, taken from

Recommended reading:

The Meaning of Marriage, by Timothy Keller.

Hooked: new science on how casual sex is affecting our children, by Joe S McIlhaney Jr and Freda McKissic Bush.

You’re teaching my child what? A physician exposes the lies of sex education by Dr Miriam Grossman

“Impact of a theoretically based sex education programme (SHARE) delivered by teachers on NHS registered conceptions and terminations: final results of cluster randomised trial”
by M Henderson, D Wight, GM Raab, C Abraham, A Parks, S Scott and G Hart – BMJ published 21 November 2006

The Global Sexual Revolution – Destruction of freedom in the name of freedom
By Gabrielle Kuly

Prude – How the Sex-Obsessed Culture Damages Girlsby Carol Platt Liebau

HIV & AIDS in Schools: The Political Economy of Pressure Groups
by Barnie Craven, Pauline Dixon, Gordon Stewart and James Tooley.- Institute of Economic Affairs

“The Sex-change Society”
by Melanie Phillips – The Social Market Foundation

by Norman Wells. Available from the Family Education Trust.