Autumn tour 2012:

During the autumn term 2012 Challenge Team partnered with Rise Theatre Company who visited visited seven schools in Greater London and the south of England.  Three volunteers from Manchester formed another team and visited eight schools in the north-west.  Between them they spoke to 3000 pupils.  This brings the total number of young people who have heard a presentation since 2004 to nearly 120,000 and the number of young presenters we have trained to 69.

Feedback was extremely positive as always:

A PHSE Co-ordinator said: ‘Great.  Have had the team in a number of times and I am always impressed about how they make such a sensitive subject accessible to teenagers.  The pupils laughed at  the right points and were equally restrained when needed when more serious topics were discussed.’

A teacher from another school said: ‘I thought that the presentation was very engaging and professionally delivered.  The actors were honest and frank and knew how to challenge teh students about their most basic assumptions and prejudices concerning sexual activity, pornography and emotional involvement.’

Some Year 9 boys said: ‘The drama really brought the issue to life.’

‘It reminded me that you need to think before you act’.

‘It was actually funny, informative and exciting.  It taught us about a lot of things in a way that we could relate to.’


Tour Report – Spring 2012
During Spring 2012 teams from around the country toured in their local areas, performing 49 presentations to 32 schools, 5 of which were new, and two youth groups. This brought the total number of pupils who have witnessed a presentation since 2004 to well over 100 000 and the number of young presenters to 56.

The presenters were from Oddments theatre company, Riverside School of Performing Arts and our independent Manchester team. During April a team from Equip Arts in Hampshire will visit two more schools, one new, and present to over 200 pupils, while our Manchester based team will visit two late bookings and present to another 310 teenagers.
Feedback was extremely positive again, with teachers reporting:
They were fantastic! We will love to have them in again! Lovely and thoroughly professional! The students loved it.

Well pitched at the age group and very informative on a difficult issue for schools to tackle. Supports our curriculum well.  Students enjoyed it, a lot found the message very relevant.

We would definitely book again and think it represents very good value for money and is extremely worthwhile for our students.

I thought the team presented a positive and thought provoking message that was delivered with conviction. I liked the use of humour, short ‘sketches’ and personal stories. I feared the presentation may become ‘preachy’ but felt that this was not the case and informed them of an opinion and lifestyle counter to which the media often portray and hence some feel they have to live up to. Anecdotal feedback from the Year 9’s was positive. They found it interesting, fun and educational.

And pupils saying:
“provided information and facts we didn’t know”
“the information will definitely help me in the future”
“Your presentation was aimed well at our age group and we learned through humour”
“A really good life changing experience”