Spring 2011Tour Report – Spring 2011
During the Spring term of 2011 we visited 38 schools and 8 youth groups in Sussex, Surrey, Hants,  London and the Midlands. Our four volunteers performed more 65 presentations to over 6,700 teenagers over a period of 7 weeks. We’ve received very positive feedback from teachers a pupils alike; one teacher said:” Very engaging and informative. The drama skits, games and questions made it interactive. There was a lot of talking but mostly all of the students were able to stay with it all the way through. It was good that it was so blatant and honest as talking about sex with teenagers can get so wishy washy if the person doing it is embarrassed in any way. Students didn’t really know what they were coming to so I think it surprised them in a good way. They appreciated the honesty and the humour. I think the posters are well designed and remind students of the message of the presentation. A couple will be displayed in the chaplaincy and possibly in the citizenship classrooms.” And a youthworker commented: ” Excellent. Probably the best we’ve had so far. Well done to the Team – and thank you”
We also received positive feedback from pupils:
– It is a good way to get the ‘save sex for marriage’ statement across and the little activities made it fun and made people listen
– Thankss for the talk today you reallu taught me alot you made a great presentation x
–  Thanks 😀 I would like to thank you for our inspirational talk. It will certainly be remembered (: x
– it was good me and my mates loved it


Autumn 2011Tour Report – Autumn 2011
Two teams toured for 7 weeks and visited 20 schools, 5 of which were new, performing 30 presentations to over 3500 pupils. They visited Wigan, Birmingham, Cheshire, Warrington and Manchester during October and Plymouth, Bath, Bournemouth, Leweston, Weymouth and Shaftesbury during November.
The Manchester team was a mix of new and repeat volunteers, Rachel, Martin, Josh and Becky. For the second part of the tour we partnered with the Oddments Theatre Company, based in Yeovil, and Michael, Elena, Liz, Saz, Emma and Charis toured with us.
Feedback has been very positive so far with teachers saying:
– The presentations went down really well as in previous years
– The presentation was both informative and enjoyable.
– The subject was tackled accurately and fairly without prejudice
– Feedback from pupils was 100% positive. They took on board the issues raised and we will definitely be booking you again
And pupils commenting:
– [we] loved you guys, you made it very interesting and fun!
– Thank you for the talk it was fun and sensible, really made a difference. I will be saving sex for marriage
– It was amazing, I wish I kept my virginity longer.