Spring 2009Tour Report – Spring 2009
During the Spring term a team of 2 girls and one guy visited 38 schools and 5 youth groups, presenting to 7500 pupils. They presented in East Sussex, Hants, the Isle of Wight, Birmingham, Nottingham, Leicester, Cambridgeshire, London, Croydon and north Kent.
Drivers had to be found throughout. We are very grateful to twelve kind people who acted as chauffeurs. Without these and the generosity of host families who provide hospitality en route we would be unsustainable.
Our thanks go to 22 wonderful hosts who provided bed, breakfast and evening meal, some for one or two nights and others for whole weeks or weekends.
We receive constructive criticism from time to time and occasional negative feedback. However, response is almost always incredibly positive. One teacher from a comprehensive in Gravesend wrote: ‘Very good. Engaging and interesting. The message was almost astonishing to students. Abstention?! Really? So it was a culture shock to our students – but a good and necessary one.’ Another teacher from a comprehensive in Heathfield wrote:‘BBring ‘em back!’

Autumn 2009Tour Report – Autumn 2009
During Autumn 2009 a team consisting of 4 young adults toured Manchester, the North East, Hereford, Somerset, Devon, Dorset and Cornwall over 10 weeks. They visited 32 schools and 2 youth groups, doing 47 presentations to over 5500 teenagers. 9 of the schools were new, and 100% of the of the schools who’s feedback has been received had requested return visits.

One school Governor said: “The Challenge Team blew the dust off … by presenting “Save Sex for Marriage” with aplomb and grace, encouraging also young people to stand against peer pressure and showing them they can say “no”. What a neat solution to all the problems we face to day in the way of STD, unmarried mothers, abortion and resulting problems of infertility etc! As a Church of England school we do have a responsibility to bring these facts forth and I thank Challenge Team for their courage to go against the tide with this presentation.