Spring 2008During Spring 2008 a team of 1 guy and 2 girls visited 56 schools, 19 of which were new, and 6 youth groups and presented a total of 91 times to almost 11 300 teenagers. The team visited Sussex, Kent, Dorset, the Isle of Wight, Hants, Nottingham, Derby, Leicester, Worcester, Herefordshire, Suffolk, Cambridge, London and Croydon and were hosted by 21 families.


Autumn 2008Tour Report – Autumn 2008: A new Challenge Team was recruited in September ’08 and spent four weeks in Manchester, two days on the Isle of Man, three days in Scotland, one week in Bath and a final week in Devon and Dorset.

Altogether, this term the team visited a total of 33 schools and three youth groups and spoke to 7,335 pupils.

Each term we seem to receive one strong letter of objection to our message, but we also receive the most astonishing approval; One teacher said: “In 18 years this school this is the best presentation I have seen from outside speakers”; A 13/14 year old girl told the team that she deeply regretted having sex and felt ashamed. She said she was definitely ‘going to practise chastity from now on’; Another teacher said: “It was excellent.  The talks went down really well with both year groups, and the Head and other senior members of staff were impressed. I shall hand your leaflets to other PSHCE co-ordinators at our meeting next week! “; Another teacher said: “I couldn’t believe it. It was so cheap.”

Once again we benefited from the hospitality of really kind hosts who helped the team as they journeyed in every way. It would be impossible for Challenge Team to continue without this support.