Spring Tour 2013
Challenge team worked in partnership with Oddments Theatre Company who visited 13 schools in the south, our own team visited 17 schools in the Midlands. Altogether we spoke to 4931 pupils.

A teacher in Nuneaton reported
‘Informative in an entertaining manner on a subject that many students have felt embarrassed by. Good interaction between audience and team. Pleased that the team visited each classroom after the presentation to talk to individuals and small groups. The student response was positive and they felt at ease with the subject matter because of the fun way in which it was presented. Yes, please, a return visit in 2014.

Pupils said
‘Hi, I’m a pupil from Leicestershire I thought your assembly was amazing it was so informative and it made me take into account of everything …’
‘it really helps you with your future’
‘everyone should know these things’
‘it was entertaining’
‘it does make you think’
‘everyone needs to see the presentation’
‘It made me think’
‘It was different to the views we get in the media about sex’
‘It made me feel better about speaking up about my own views of sex before marriage’
I’m a pupil from Didcot. Your presentation was amazing …’