During 2018-2019 a further week was spent in Malta where we spoke at 15 schools followed by a tour to 16 schools and three youth groups in the UK.

We received excellent responses from staff and pupils.

Pupils aged 14 wrote:

  • No-one has to be peer pressured into having sex, and should know that it is their choice to have it or not and that no-one can change that.
  • Challenge Team explained the reasons clearly, which makes students understand a lot more. Good presentation. Entertaining and funny.
  • Because everyone deserves a chance to know that ‘no’ is an answer and it’s fine to say ‘no’.
  • It is very educational and I think that the point/reasons for the presentation should be spread. Well done for a fabulous presentation and I hope that you will do well in the future.

Pupils in Malta, aged 15 wrote:

  • It was a life-changing experience that we should all take action about. I really liked the presentation.
  • I think it is a topic more people of our age need to know. It was very interesdting and gave me hope for future love.
  • A presentation that will surely stay in my mind, and hopefully others’…
  • I personally felt this presentation was a real eye-opener. Great talk. Top.
  • It does make sense and it is suitable for everyone. Excellent marks for the presentation.