2015 – 2016

Four talented young adults formed a team this academic year. They toured the country for eight weeks during November, February and March, visiting 36 schools and six youth group. In the autumn the Team toured the west country, and in the spring term they visited the Midlands, the South Coast, London and the North West. They spoke to 7689 pupils.

The presenters were incredibly well-received. Praise for the contents and delivery exceeded even those in previous years.

Pupils at a school in Surrey returned feedback forms after watching the presentation in February. Pupils wrote:

  • It was helpful and educational
  • It makes you think about the consequences
  • The presentation taught me that sex has a value
  • All schools should see a presentation because I know many teens want to have it to get it over with
  • It is important to remember you are valuable and should save yourself for someone who really loves you
  • The presentation was brilliant and really supported my decision to save myself for marriage
  • It was helpful and in the presentation they said things that people did not know already
  • It was very useful information and the role plays made it more understanding
  • It gave me good reasons to why I should save sex

Of the 149 pupils 142 thought that every school should see a presentation. 16 had already decided to save sex for marriage. 47 said it would make a difference to the choices they made in the future.

A teacher wrote: You pitched it exactly right and our students really respected you. There was an open and honest atmosphere and the message was loud and clear.

Pupils wrote: It made me think twice about saving sex til marriage. Thank you.
It was very informative and humorous at the same time. I enjoyed it thoroughly.
I didn’t have a clue about saving sex, but it is a good idea. Now that I know about it others should learn about it too.
A 14 year old girl who admitted to being pressured to have sex, and who also said she hoped to be married in the future, said the presentation she saw would make a difference and she would consider saving sex for marriage.

Challenge Team has an impact on the young presenters. One said: It’s been such an amazing experience to travel across the country with a bunch of awesome people. If anyone is interested in doing it next year I highly recommend it.

Challenge Teams have toured each year since 2004 and spoken to almost 140,000 pupils in that time. Seventy eight young presenters have been trained.