2016 – 2017


In 2016 to 2017 two new teams of young adults were recruited and trained.  40 schools and four youth groups were visited in November 2016 and February and March 2017.   7214 pupils watched the presentation.  The total number of young people who have heard a presentation since 2004 is 147,114.  The number of young presenters who have taken part since the launch is 81.


Touring costs are reduced by using volunteer drivers and host families en route between schools.

A total of twelve hosts and ten drivers made a massive contribution and got a real thumbs up from the Team members who reported:  I enjoyed every single host that put us up.  The hospitality was second to none.  They really took care of us. 


The response from schools again this year, several of whom were new to us, was, as always, extremely positive.  From many similar examples, a teacher wrote: It was a very good presentation – informative, fun, interactive and engaging. There was an excellent balance between getting the message across and at the same time ensuring that the pupils were not being patronised.  The presenters complimented each other well and the variety of the presentation was spot on.  


Pupils wrote:

It answered a lot of our questions

It gives you a choice

It was a great performance which gave a lot of good reasons to save sex

It is educational and teaches you about stuff you wouldn’t usually learn

It makes you think about your life.  Really good and will make a big impact

It teaches students they can say no if they want to

It gave good information and helped me to see in a new light

It was informative, interesting and not a long boring talk

It allows students to re-evaluate there (sic) options and let them see a point of view never spoken     about in mainstream media

It gave me another option in life I have never thought of before.   Ten out of ten

It opens up options that I previously didn’t know about.


Visiting schools with Challenge Team and speaking to so many pupils always has a positive impact on Team members.   They commented:

The tour was eye-opening and inspirational.   I enjoyed every single part of it.   I woke up on every day of the tour thinking – I have another opportunity to impact a child positively.  I must do better than yesterday.   


It has opened my eyes to many areas where I could be of help in due time, and giving me better understanding of society and things I have always only understood in theory and not practically.  I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything else.


I enjoyed the overall experience.  I wasn’t expecting to learn so much while involved.  It was great.  And what made me happy were the responses of the students.  We helped to reassure them that people like us still exist.  I learned new things every day.  I have benefitted a lot. 


It has reassured me on why I’ve chosen to save sex for marriage.  It’s made me more confident as an individual.  I’ve met some wonderful people while being on tour.   It was hard work but extremely rewarding.